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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Texasware Largest Melmac Giant Just Posted

You may find this article interesting if you are a collector of Plastics Manufacturing, Inc texasware Texas Ware Melmac or Melamine dinnerware, or Dallasware..   Learn how it was one of the largest melmac makers of it's time, only today in size comparison to big tech. 

Best Vintage Podcast

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Melmac Podcast

 Now you can listen to a podcast about melmac , or at least American Cyanamid.  

Go here:  Retro Chalet : Living A Vintage Life | Podcast on Spotify

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thermo Temp Mallory Randall Melmac Raffiaware Updated

History on Mallory Randall Melamine Dinnerware page has been updated here at the RetroChalet Melmac Central blog.  The Mallory Randall Corporation was a melamine manufacture producing not only Malloware, Mallo-Belle and Classic lines of Melamine dinnerware but also made and distrubuted a widely popular thermoware line called Thermo-Temp Raffiaware. 

Find the link here:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

1962 Melmac Article Posted

Vintage Plastic Melmac Dinnerware History Melamine : Melmac Dinnerware 1962 Christmas Department Stores...: Find out how to get these great items below! We know the fun melamine of the fifties is never ending, but what about the 1960's...

Monday, October 31, 2016

Texasware Creation of Speckled Mixing Bowl

Pic: TW bowls for sale at MUSEUMofKITSCH

This just in, the mystery of why and how the Texasware mixing bowls became so popular. It seems they were in most mother's kitchen. The Making of the Texasware Mottled Melmac Mixing Bowl has come to life, from the granddaughter of the owner... read about it here, under the Texasware page of Melmac Central..

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Is Melmac Dinnerware Worth?

If you often wonder what is your melmac worth, then here' s a helpful general article to find out just what your melmac may be worth!

Melmac Central just released a guide based on color, what to look for and some general information. Check it out here!

Purple Royalon Corsage Pattern on  Etsy at YaYasAttic
                                 Picture:  Purple Royalon Corsage Pattern on  Etsy at YaYasAttic   

Go to the article
What Is Melmac Dinnerware Worth?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Russel Wright Residential Melmac Reproductions Melamine Bob's Your Uncle

Russel Wright Residential -this line has been reviewed with lots of pictures, too. This is reproduction Russel Wright melamine that was reproduced by Michelle and Martin Yeeles from Bob's Your Uncle. Keeping the original design style in tact they were able to successful recreate the line into Russel Wright's original modern designs debuting new colors in select stores.

Click to read more on this Reproduction Russel Wright line!

Reproduction Russel Wright Melmac

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Boontonware Factory Found melmac melamine

Finally after touring Boonton New Jersey the site of the original Boontonware factory was found, this has been added to the Melmac Encyclopedia!

Boonton Melmac Factory Tour Stop One : This Was The Melamine Factory

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Prolon Melmac Dinnerware History

Prolon Melmac Lunch Trays at leightonstreet on Etsy find out Prolon History here
Leighton Street on Etsy features these prolon lunch trays! How cool!
Some of Prolon's plastic dishes have been debunked in this Florance Ware Factory Tour Florence Manufacturing Company featuring Prolon Plastics.

Florence, Massachusetts often referred to as Northampton was home to the Prophylactic Brush Company whose later Prolon Plastics division would make the dishes.

This post examines the site of the original Prolon plastics factory and history of the Brush Company with rare early ads and photographic examples.

We are adding it to the Prophylactic Brush Company and Prolon Plastics tab!

Nothing like killing two melmac encyclopedia birds with one stone!

Note: Prolon is still in business today in  another state and capacity.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Texas Ware Factory Melmac Tour

A while ago I wrote a great post on TexasWare and about the factory who made it. Therefore today I add the Plastics Manufacturing Company plastic tour right here to the Melmac Encyclopedia. I think that Texas Ware is one of the most collected melmac dinnerware genres out there today. From their retro melamine mixing bowls to their wonderful dishes, their manufacturing extended decades. At one point they were making their own molding powders. Read more here. Texas Ware Tour.

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Interview with TupperDiva

Since I had a great Interview with TupperDiva I felt it only necessary to add the Tupperware / Tupper Diva website to the Melmac Encyclopedia. Even though tupperware is a plastic and NOT melmac or melamine, it is still a very important plastic in history! Thanks to TupperDiva for having the best researched information!

We've Added Kenro Company History Melmac and Melamine

Kenro For Sale on Etsy at CarpeBellus
Kenro Set, from Etsy shop Carpe Bellus, $47
Today I'm adding the Kenro Company History from Melmac Central which is a great resource on anyone looking up Kenro Plastics, such as Kenro's Ice Buckets, Melmac wares or Melamine dinnerwares.  This company was from Freedonia Wisconsin, and at the time of this post , is technically still making plastics. 

Kenro Company History Melmac Melamine Fredonia Plastics

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rubbermaid Information Collectible Plastics

Rubbermaid Dish Drain on Etsy
Red Rubbermaid Dish Drain $34 from A Vintage Revolution on Etsy.
I am adding some information about Rubbermaid to the Melmac Encyclopedia. I did some reasearch awhile back on the Wooster Rubber Company and the history of Rubbermaid products. Although not melmac or melamine, this plastic is fantastic.

I don't think I can remember a day in our house growing up without something Rubbermaid. What mainly comes to mind is the dish drain. What would we do without them? 

Rubbermaid Coasters Kar Mat Miniatures and History of Rubbermaid

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ColtRock and Colt Plastics

Colt's Plastics Collectors
In the photo: Brett Kramer and Ron Lough, courtesy of Melmac Central.
I've just added some great resources on Colt Plastics to the website, some links are now live for collectors of Colt-Rock, Colt Plastics or Colt's Plastics Division.

By the way, in the photograph is Brett Kramer and he's always looking to purchase any Colt Plastics. Feel Free to contact him if you have any for sale.

Email Brett at at You may also call him at 319-415-9621

Free Melmac Encyclopedia Site is Here

Oneida Melmac
Melmac bowls by Oneida.
I've been talking about doing a melmac book for twenty years. I've been collecting melmac just as long. Over the years I've talked to and met a lot of great people who share a common love for plastics. I figured why not compile all that information in one place?

And so now, I bring to you, the long awaited  site that compiles all free information from the web in one place, a  digital Melmac Encyclopedia if you will. It will be a comprehensive collection of links to help you learn more about your favorite melamine and melmac of yesterday!

I hope you will share and enjoy it.