Saturday, December 28, 2013

Prolon Melmac Dinnerware History

Prolon Melmac Lunch Trays at leightonstreet on Etsy find out Prolon History here
Leighton Street on Etsy features these prolon lunch trays! How cool!
Some of Prolon's plastic dishes have been debunked in this Florance Ware Factory Tour Florence Manufacturing Company featuring Prolon Plastics.

Florence, Massachusetts often referred to as Northampton was home to the Prophylactic Brush Company whose later Prolon Plastics division would make the dishes.

This post examines the site of the original Prolon plastics factory and history of the Brush Company with rare early ads and photographic examples.

We are adding it to the Prophylactic Brush Company and Prolon Plastics tab!

Nothing like killing two melmac encyclopedia birds with one stone!

Note: Prolon is still in business today in  another state and capacity.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Texas Ware Factory Melmac Tour

A while ago I wrote a great post on TexasWare and about the factory who made it. Therefore today I add the Plastics Manufacturing Company plastic tour right here to the Melmac Encyclopedia. I think that Texas Ware is one of the most collected melmac dinnerware genres out there today. From their retro melamine mixing bowls to their wonderful dishes, their manufacturing extended decades. At one point they were making their own molding powders. Read more here. Texas Ware Tour.